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Episode 3 - Operation Wingspan

Operation Wingspan is a year long campaign to combat wildlife crime in Scotland. Host Lisa Marley speaks to Detective Sergeant William Telford, National Wildlife Crime Coordinator for Police Scotland, about how the police are involved with investigating and preventing wildlife crime, what kinds of crime they deal with, what they still need to work on and how they think this campaign might help #endwildlifecrime in Scotland.


General resources

Police Scotland - Advice and information on wildlife crime

RSPB video on Operation Wingspan


Episode sources

Lots of source materials are used to research each episode, but if you would like to find out more about this topic please find a selection of materials below. These are not intended to be a thorough or balanced collection, only materials I would personally recommend and found noteworthy during my research.

Article - 'Introducing Police Scotland's Operation Wingspan - a year long focus on wildlife crime' National Wildlife Crime Unit

Article - 'Scottish shops raided during major action to tackle wildlife crime' The Press & Journal

Blog post - 'Operation Wingspan - Police Scotland raise awareness of raptor persecution' Raptor Persecution Blog

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